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Blood Drive, in memory of Kathy Gonzales

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

This blood drive is In honor of a hero to hundreds of local patients.


"My sister Kathy, was always serving her community, and now our she is being honored and remembered in the same ways that she served."

- Councilman, Robert Gonzales

Kathy Gonzales was a hero to hundreds of local patients over the years as she coordinated with skill and compassion her company's annual blood drive. Now that company has come together to honor Kathy's Spirit through voluntary blood donation.

"Your gift is a lasting, meaningful tribute to Kathy's memory. With your help, more patients can be touched and their loved ones given comfort - just what Kathy would have wanted."

The blood drive was a success in not only serving the community but in honoring and remembering Kathy Gonzales.

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